B&R X20 system upgrades

B&R X20 system upgrades

Our innovation, your advantage

Smooth and seamless transition with minimum disruption

As you are aware B&R has announced the discontinuation of one of its older automation 2003 series. This series has been in use for quite long time and now its manufacturing came to halt. The spare parts may not be available anymore. We at PackSys Global always strive to give our customers a smooth and seamless transition in such situations to ensure minimum disruption and impact in production. All our new machines have the control systems based on the new X20 series from B&R.

We have also designed retrofit kits based on the X20 series to replace the obsolete series. Our retrofit will extend machines lifecycle and add new functions which are offered by the new system. In addition, we ensure continued service support and availability of service parts.

Your investments are paid back while you continue to receive the benefits of new technology for years to come. Our trained and qualified field engineers have performed retrofits on many PackSys Global machines, some of which have been in operation for over 30 years. We always live up to the trust you place in us.

Your Benefits

  • Controls improvement
  • Ensure continued service support
  • Spare parts availability
  • Preserve the value of assets
  • Boost overall machine performanc

Machines that need upgrade

  • HPM, HPL, HPX until serial no. #35
  • TCX until serial no. #12
  • Mini120 until serial no. #39
  • LTR
  • PMA, CMA
  • TCA12
  • MSM until no. #114


B&R 2003 (Obsolete)
B&R 2003 (old)

Improved features of control system with X20

The retrofit comes with enhanced features

  • Compact design and easy wiring
  • Easy hardware maintenance & servicing
  • Improved user interface including new touch panel
  • Possibility of remote troubleshooting
  • Modern controls, faster and more efficient
  • Safety control devices are part of the PLC
  • Miniaturization leading to lesser power consumption


B&R X20 (New)

How the retrofit will be done?

To upgrade the system, the following steps are taken:

B&R Upgrade process