Produce smarter

One step ahead with us

The first building block of our vision is to provide customers with solutions to achieve ‘’smart production”. Smart production starts with monitoring the machines and gathering information to analyse, learn and improve production efficiency. Our “Production Monitoring”, “Maintenance Tracking” and “Energy Monitoring” services assist you in reaching your production goals.

Production Monitoring

Live progress tracking of production

Increase your production efficiency by using the «Production» module. The main purpose is to provide an overview of the live production state of the plant. This enables managers to track progress in real-time and take corrective action if the progress is not as planned.

The actual production status and progress can be watched and past data analysed separately as well. Access through any device is supported. The «Production» module of smartcube™ calculates and tracks overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) values to allow managers to track the source of any performance issues.

Benefits of the Production Module

  • Experience highly accurate and secure information
  • Monitor and analyse your machines 24/7
  • Identify causes of stoppages and scrap
  • Experience transparent and effective communication

Maintenance Tracking

Smart tracking of the lifetime and condition of machine

Keeping machines in optimal condition at minimal cost is the main target of smartcube™’s «Maintenance» module. Reducing unplanned downtime of machines is the central goal.

Predicting the lifetime based on usage of components is the key factor to reduce the overall cost. An intelligent algorithm tracks the lifetime and usage of components. Maintenance activities can be planned more accurately and effectively so that components are replaced during scheduled maintenance intervals rather than encountering situations where components fail unexpectedly and replacement parts and/or trained service resources are not immediately available.

Knowing if a machine is «healthy» or not is a tremendous advantage. A health status indicator is the key element of condition monitoring. A proprietary algorithm evaluates the actual data of the components in real-time and calculates a simple, recognizable status flag. Once a component is running out of specification the status flag shows a warning or an error.

Benefits of the Maintenance Module

  • Track maintenance activities of your machines
  • Experience easy and understandable operator instructions
  • Reduce unexpected stoppages
  • Keep your machines healthy at all times

Energy Monitoring

Tracking of energy consumption

When you want to reduce your carbon footprint the first step is to know about the energy consumption of your equipment. Measuring energy includes electrical energy, consumption of compressed air and cooling water. The analysis of the data is the next step to optimise the consumption and to save money. smartcube™’s «Energy» Module supports customer efforts to reduce all kinds of energy expenditure. It enables you to monitor the various energy consumption of your machines and assists you in finding the optimum energy for an efficient production.

Benefits of the Energy Module

  • Experience highly accurate and secure information
  • Monitor and track daily energy consumption
  • Analyse and optimize energy usage