Service Agreements

Service Agreements

Providing the customer with a worry-free, comprehensive service

Production downtimes usually happen when you least expect them. In this case we are always available to you around the clock. Service contracts strengthen this principle: With the help of exclusive services, you can lower the general risk of failure and reduce the associated effects to a minimum. In this way you not only save time, but ultimately also money and you can calculate with the highest possible productivity of your machines. Because they should run like Swiss clockwork. Just like our contractual offers.

To ensure optimal availability, we provide you with four contracts tailored to your needs.


Optimized production is essential to customer’s profitability. PackSys Global provides a check-up service to ensure optimal productivity of machines.

Trained field engineers inspect customer’s PackSys Global cap equipment efficiency. The check-up includes checking and cleaning the parts and sensors, and optimizing the machine parameters and settings. This standardized procedure enables customer to compare the machine’s productivity year-on- year or against other machines.

Your Benefits


  • Maximize process reliability
  • 10% discount on parts recommended from a Check-Up
  • Minimized risk of unexpected downtime
  • Present to customer documented proof of service

Premium Service Agreement

The CSA ensures the highest business continuity through appropriate risk management, together with the possibility of long-term cost control. Customers are safe in the knowledge that PackSys Global provides quick and professional support.

Remote Service Agreement

With EagleOwl™ PackSys Global provides customers fast access to a proactive, experienced team of technology and customer service experts.

Your Benefits

  • Immediate “live” support by a specialist
  • Minimized downtime
  • Save travel costs
  • Independent from software skills of on-site technicians

Customized Field Service

Instead of adopting the traditional, reactive “break and fix” service model, you can opt for a proactive, customized PackSys Global field service to ensure continual and optimal productivity of your machines, and benefit from greatly discounted service rates.

Your Benefits

  • Up to 20% savings on standard field service rates
  • Fixed travel time and cost
  • 10% discount on service parts recommended from the assessment
  • Discount on additional field service hours