Automated Machine Operation Solution

Further support of your machine for you

“Smart Machine” is the third building block of our vision encompassing solutions which make your PackSys Global machines smarter with digitalization. Through smart machine we want you to experience automated machine operation solutions.


Electronic Digital Position Indicators

Our goal is to provide solutions to digitalize various machine inputs through digital position indicators. With digital position indicators you can save recipe values digitally which later be extracted to various interfaces and services. 


Digital Standard

With our new digital position indicators your machines will be equipped with the possibility to enter digital recipe values on PackSys Global machines. This technological advantage paves way for a possibility to digitally recognize recipe values which in further upgrades can be of value to you.


Digital Lite

In addition to the digital position indicators, they will be connected to the HMI of the machines. As soon as you set the required recipe on the HMI, the values will automatically be displayed on the corresponding position indicators. This will eliminate the challenge of the operator having to remember each recipe value. All that remains is to manually change positions to match the displayed values on the position indicators. If the manually set value differs from the displayed value, the HMI will alert you to set the values correctly, avoiding production stoppages.


Digital Full

Going a step further, for selected elements, we can provide you with a “Full” solution which can automatically adjust certain parts of the machine to your pre-selected values without operation intervention. As soon as you select the “recipe” via the HMI, at places where the motors are present, the machine will automatically adjust itself to match the recipe values.  The operator will no longer need to remember the recipe values or set them manually.


Benefits of a smart machine

  • Fast and effective change-over
  • Paperless machine operation
  • Digital Data acquisition
  • Transparent machine operation
  • 100% IoT ready