Slitting & Folding Machines for Plastic Closures

Slitting & Folding Machines for Plastic Closures

Two molds - one slitting/folding machine

Cost and space optimized mass production of plastic closures.

The MSM, SPM and the TEM have the option to process multiple injection molds with a single slitting/folding machine or folding/slitting machine (same design, different color). Two bunkers are filled by individual molds; changeover from one line to the other is fully automated and controlled by the machine, without any human intervention. 

The use of oil bath lubrication and automatic lubrication cartridges reduces the need for significant downtime for maintenance.

The Swiss Downstream Line – SDL is, as the name implies, a complete downstream line for plastic closure production. The line, developed with our Swiss partner IMD, is a one-stop-shop for closure drop from mold to box. The processes include inspection, slitting and folding.