New side-seam technology NEOSeam™

produces 360° decorated cosmetic tubes.

NEOSeam™ is PackSys Global’s new side-seam technology cosmetic tubes. NEOSeam™ is the solution for customers who want the appearance of 360° decoration combined with the quality, cost advantages and multiple printing technologies available with flat printing. 

This stable, easy to produce and perfectly accurate seaming process creates laminate tubes with 360° printed appearance showing no visible overlap to the consumer. 

In addition to NEOSeam™ technology being an advanced decoration solution for tube manufacturers, it is more sustainable and kinder to the environment since direct printing eliminates the need for labels. Also, laminate technology allows use of multiple thin layers to give the same look and feel in a thinner tube as compared to an extruded tube.

NEOSeam™ allows tube producers to re-purpose the «side trim», the laminate material which is normally cut off the printed material and then thrown away. The side-trim is used by NEOSeam™ to build-up the tube’s sideseam, allowing the production of tubes which do not show any «white line» at the side seam area even after multiple uses.

Your Benefits

  • NEOSeam™ allows full 360° decoration.
  • Highly stable, perfectly accurateseaming process at a wide processing window.
  • NEOSeam™ has all decoration possibilities of flat printing.
  • Ideal for small batch production or startup businesses.
  • No additional material management required.

NEOSeam’s™ side-seaming process allows for a seamless print appearance, improved seam performance and overall a large operating window. This makes NEOSeam™ tubes also extraordinarily resistant to failures from being dropped or bent.

The innovative use of the «side trim» to reinforce the side-seam means that no material needs to be purchased from any 3rd parties and that in every case the tubemaker has material on hand which matches the colour and structure of the tube being produced. 

PackSys Global is currently able to implement and retrofit NEOSeam™ on all of its current generation sideseamers which are designed for cosmetic tubes with diameter 25 mm and larger.

PackSys Global designs and builds full lines for manufacturing oral care and cosmetic tubes and implementing tamper evident bands on plastic closures. Its advanced packaging equipment is ideally suited for personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial markets.

Inventor Ulrich Esser with NEOSeam tube

Meet the NEOSeam™

Side-seam of LTR2 machine