Premium Cosmetics

Premium Cosmetics

Cosmetics Segments

Machines for the cosmetic tubes and decoration segment

Cosmetics are a natural part of everyday life. Who would want to do without these daily companions in the bathroom? But cosmetics are more than a matter of course for health or hygiene. They contribute to a good attitude towards life by underlining the changing needs of people.

Today's market for cosmetics can be described in 5 segments according to area of use:

  • Skin care products
  • Dental and oral care
  • Hair treatment like shampoo
  • Decorative applications, face make-up, eye and lip care products
  • Perfume, eau de toilette, etc.

We at PackSys Global supply machines, procedures and processes for this and support with commissioning and service through to the installation of complete lines. Visit our cosmetics segments like tubes and decoration and discover our wide product portfolio.