Fast PBL Sustainable and Efficient

Fast PBL Sustainable and Efficient

Tube machine upgrade

ABL laminate compared with PBL laminate

When looking at the end of a tube life, recycling of multi-material structures like ABL (aluminum barrier laminate) is very difficult and economically not viable.

New material developments focus on mono-materials which are ideally compliant with already existing recycling streams. To reach that goal, the aluminium layer is replaced by a plastic barrier – usually EVOH. Plastic Barrier Laminates (PBL) are more and more often made with low MFI-HDPE's or even PP materials enabling the tubes to be recycled and used in the production of blown-bottles.

ABL and PBL tube layers

Benefits of Plastic Barrier Laminate


  • PBL is much environmentally friendly


  • Replace a few key parts on your machine to run PBL laminates without problems of quality or speed.


  • This upgrade kit is available for all our recently produced side seamers with the exception of the BLM/Prestige Body Maker .



summary Fast PBL Upgrade benefits

Why is the Fast PBL upgrade necessary?

The «standard» PBL laminates developed up to recent years work perfectly on our existing systems. However, due to the many new laminate developments and the various properties that they bring with them, we have developed the Fast PBL Upgrade. This means that running PBL the same way as ABL is possible but not recommended as there can be some problems such as:

  • Seam quality issues
  • Lower machine speed
  • Higher ovality of produced tube bodies.


This means that the quality of the tubes is not acceptable for the brand owners. In addition, there will be higher rejection rates and therefore higher production costs

Compatibility issues tube production

PackSys Global’s Fast PBL Technology

With the Fast PBL upgrade kit, your machine can meet today’s PBL tube quality requirements, which means a perfect seam at the same speed as known when making ABL tubes. Differently from aluminum barrier laminate, where the heat is generated by induction within the aluminium layer itself, the heat to weld PBL tubes can only be applied from the inside and outside of the tube. In order to control the heat optimally it is required to separately adjust the power from in- and outside.

ABL tube heating process
Welding process ABL-Tube
PBL tube heating process
Welding process PBL-Tube

The Fast PBL Kit

The Fast PBL kit requires additional or replacing components. It is important to know that the combination of all elements together make the difference!

  1. Install a second High Frequency generator for separate power control of the inner and outer steel belts.
  2. Replace the existing seamer mandrel by a “flat mandrel”. The special flat shape and the new cooling design results in less ovality.
  3. Upgrade the cooling section to the patented "DuraSeam® Air” system to improve the cooling performance from outside.
  4. Install the newly designed ovality control unit (OCU) at the end of the mandrel to ensure the roundness of the tube.


The Fast PBL retrofit is available for all our continuous side seamers except the BLM/Prestige Body Maker model.
All about our Dura Seam® steel belts.

Fast PBL Machine Upgrade Kit

Which speed can be reached?

We did several tests on multiple machines, with great results. It is hard to come up with numbers which are the same for every laminate as each laminate behaves differently. We are currently doing further tests on our machines with the clear target to run PBL without any speed loss. On our 500 tube per minute machine, the SHOT line, we will soon reach a speed of 100 meters per minute. That will boost what is already the world’s fastest PBL tube making line a big step further.

In future it will not make any difference in speed if you run ABL or PBL.

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