PackSys Global & EPL: Putting down roots for more than 4 decades

01 Nov 2021

Part of our sustainability plan is to have and maintain long-standing partnerships with quality partners who share our values in every sense of the word. This is the case of EPL, with whom we have been working together for more than 40 years and since then they have been committed to Made in Swiss engineering and PackSys Global technologies.

After 2 years without being able to visit India due to the pandemic, Beat Rupp, CEO of PackSys Global, returned to the Asian country to visit the Brueckner Group headquarters and, of course, to visit some of our partners in person, among them EPL. 

The site visit took place in Himachal Pradesh, where EPL has the largest and best performing facilities in the world.  We were welcomed by the Unit Head, Thangaraj Ramakrishan and his chief engineer, who gave us a tour of the plant to see how our machines perform at peak performance 24/7 all year round. 

"As the owner of more than 20 PackSys Global lines in this plant, I can say that it is a sign of confidence in the innovation and precision of Swiss engineering to which we are grateful,"

commented Sachin Kumar, Head of engineers who has been working at the famous Himachal plant since 1997. 

The visit was attended by members of the PackSys Global international team such as Jatin Joshi (GM Business Development Manager), responsible for this part of the world which is very important for the growth of PSS.  

Also Aitor Henao, new Head of Marketing & Communications of PackSys Global, attended the visit and was able to see first-hand some of the measures that EPL is taking in terms of sustainability with regard to its plant, staff and production; 

"EPL is really showing signs of commitment in many areas which we at PSS, fully support and are proud of. Many of the actions they are taking, demonstrate their vision for a more eco-sustainable future”. 

Bruno Reggiani, a former member of the PSS team and now Managing Director of the Brueckner Group in India, commented: 

"We have had an excellent relationship for 40 years. EPL is a company that started with 2 small machines from KMK (now PSS) and grew to become the largest tube producer in the world. The tradition of conquering the market by buying the best and most advanced packaging machines and not the cheapest ones, by investing in the innovation with which PackSys Global has always defined itself, was the best possible strategy". 

Finally, as a token of appreciation for the visit, the EPL team presented their visitors with a gift at the entrance to the famous production plant, planting a tree on their behalf, to which Beat Rupp commented:

"EPL once again demonstrates the continued commitment to PackSys Global and the environment. It is a pleasure to find our new machines in their factories but also to see that our machines from the 80's are still working here to perfection.  It is the result of trusting technologies and in our Made in Swiss machines”. 

PACKSYS GLOBAL & EPL: Putting down roots
Beat Rupp, CEO of PackSys Global planting a tree
Aitor Henao, Head of Marketing & Communications PackSys Global planting a tree
Jatin Joshi, GM Business Development Manager at BGI planting a tree

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