Merger of MADAG Printing Systems AG with PackSys Global AG: Combining strengths

03 Aug 2021

MADAG AG was founded in 1965 for the manufacture of knitting, hot stamping and pad printing machines. MADAG AG has been known under the name MADAG Printing Systems AG since 2003 and has created a legacy as the leading global supplier of automatic hot stamping machines. MADAG Printing Systems AG established itself as the market leader in the field of high-precision hot stamping during the last two decades, beginning in 2005 as a specialist in hot stamping of cylindrical plastic and laminate tubes.

Three years later the company also became the market leader in the hot stamping of closures made of plastic or aluminum. Thanks to years of experience and a strong drive for innovation, the company finds a flexible and reliable solution for every need, in the packaging and machine industries, as well as in the automotive industry. MADAG Printing Systems AG guarantees maximum customer benefit worldwide through the additional use of the most advanced decoration and lettering technologies.

With the merger of MADAG Printing Systems AG, Fahrweid with PackSys Global AG, Rüti, the story is now being continued and our guiding principle One Company, One Brand has been successfully implemented.

Together with the previous mergers with Combitool AG in May 2020 and Texa AG in January 2021, PackSys Global AG will emerge with new strength and guarantee the continuity of its strengths. In the typically Swiss DNA of PackSys Global, in addition to innovation, quality awareness, reliability and loyalty, there is also the consolidated strength coming from Combitool AG, Texa AG and MADAG Printing Systems AG.

From October 2021, PackSys Global AG will move into its tailor-made rooms in the new business building at its headquarters in Rüti, Spitalstrasse 38.

We would like to thank all customers for our past opportunities to work with you and look forward to continuing our good cooperation all under the PackSys Global name.

Beat Rupp, CEO, PackSys Global AG

Thomas LeFevre, VP Business Divisions, PackSys Global AG

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