A Common Future - Texa AG and PackSys Global AG to merge

17 Dec 2020

Texa AG, based in Haldenstein, Switzerland, and PackSys Global AG, based in Rüti, Switzerland, today announced that the companies will merge effective 1st January, 2021. The merged companies will operate under the name PackSys Global AG. Texa AG was acquired in 2013 by the Siegsdorf, Germany based Brückner Group GmbH and integrated into the management structure of PackSys Global AG.

Texa AG, as the market leader in the manufacture of tube, aerosol can and cartridge packing machines, has since been an excellent partner to PackSys Global AG who is the market leader in the manufacture of tube machines. The merger will further promote cooperation between the two locations especially in the area of common challenges of the future such as Industry 4.0, inspection technologies and artificial intelligence. Solutions to these topics can be better mastered through faster and optimized developments which are applicable to the machines of both companies.

Texa AG specializes in the development and manufacturing of packing machines and end of line solutions for cylindrical items such as laminate, plastic and aluminium tubes, monobloc aerosol cans and cartridges. In addition to the development and manufacture of packing machines, Texa AG takes great pride in its experienced and responsive staff whose skills in commissioning, customer training and 24/7 worldwide customer service are among the best in the industry. In 2017 Texa invested in a doubling of its manufacturing space and the modernization of its original facility. It will remain a part of the successful R&D and logistics organization of PackSys Global. All employees of Texa AG will become employees of PackSys Global AG when the merger takes effect.

Beat Rupp, CEO of PackSys Global AG, says about the merger: ʺStrategic considerations have convinced us that this merger offers advantages for our customers. We have been working very successfully and closely with our colleagues at Texa for over 7 years and are developing and realizing an increasing number of joint projects. With this new organization, we have the opportunity to build up and develop further synergies.

We would like to thank all customers of both companies for our past opportunities to work with them and look forward to continuing our good cooperation all under the PackSys Global name.”


Beat Rupp, CEO, PackSys Global AG

Thomas LeFevre, VP Sales & Marketing, PackSys Global AG

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