Cassette lifting system for HPX

Cassette lifting system for HPX

Smooth operation with your HPX

The HPX sets new standards in its class, offering smoother operation, best ergonomics and unbeatable quick-change features. The welding of the tube shoulder and body takes place in the cassettes. In the existing HPX configuration, the cassette is lifted and lowered for reload during each cycle.

In the new cassette lifting system, a centrally-mounted actuation unit replaces the lifting and lowering unit for the cassettes. Thanks to this
innovation, the new system needs just half the number of strokes as compared to the earlier system.


Your Benefits

  • Smoother operation
  • Reduced noise level
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Higher productivity
  • Less air consumption
  • Energy bill savings

Our innovation, your advantage

The continuous focus on innovation and development at PackSys Global means that our customers are offered smarter solutions, on an ongoing basis, to better meet their present as well as future needs. The upgrade will not only boost your output due to reduced maintenance but also improve the process stability due to our advanced technology. Our qualified and regularly trained field engineers have performed many upgrades to the complete satisfaction of our customers.


What this means to you*


  • Less maintenance and increased output Approximately 2.5% more uptime
  • 33% reduced consumption of compressed air 33 Nm3/h instead of 50 Nm3/h
  • Reduced noise level Smoother operation



  • Additonal production of up to 1.7 million tubes per year thanks to reduced maintenance
  • Savings of approximately USD 2800 on energy bills per year
  • Comfortable production environment


* Calculation based on a case study
(production 24h x 365 days, cost of
compressed air 1.9ct/ Nm3)