FlexMaster Tube packing

FlexMaster Tube packing

The Technology

Tube packing machine

The grouping technique with mandrel plates and the resulting vertical unloading into boxes make the FlexMaster an ideal solution for all known packing applications. Tubes can be packed in plastic bags and in Draxis or Teledyne forms, each for round, oval and top-heavy tubes.

Your Benefits

  • Ideal for laminate or plastic tubes
  • A good solution for short, top-heavy and elliptical tubes
  • Synchronous transfer, with compensator
  • High production reliability
  • The tubes are always guided, either in trays or on mandrels
  • Tubes can be packed tightly in boxes

Technical Data


Infeed/Outfeed According to customer specification
Weight approx. 2500 kg
Vmax up to 350 tubes/minute
Ø range 10 - 60 mm
Tube length 45 - 280 mm incl. cap
Tube style Round, oval and top-heavy possible
Box dimensions Max: (L × W × H) 630 × 630 × 230 horizontal format or vertical format
Multilayer in box No
Plastic bag possible Yes
Special packing style  Draxis, folding box, stick pack (vertical/horizontal)



FlexMaser tube packing machine