Prestige 40 Header

Prestige 40 Header

The most flexible choice for the production of tubes

PackSys Global’s Prestige 20 Header provides unbeaten flexibility for todays’ and tomorrows’ competitive tube production and challenging market requirements. It ensures high reliability and consistent overall efficiency at an optimum production speed.

This fully electric machine is designed for maximum production output, with a quick tool change and cost-saving size parts. An innovative and precise pressing process provides the highest tube quality at lowest
maintenance costs.

The machine can be adapted to any application: used as a stand-alone unit or placed directly in-line with extruders, side-seamers, printers and cappers.

Thanks to the clever HMI concept the machine is easy to operate providing shortest possible setup times.

Stay competitive in the global market with this compact and flexible tube heading System.

Your Benefits

  • 120 tubes/min (plastic or laminate)
  • Heading round, oval or other shapes
  • Ideal efficiency for all batch sizes
  • Quick size parts change and short setup time
  • Size parts compatibility with Prestige 20
  • Easy to operate system
  • High quality Swiss engineering
  • Competent and fast customer service

Technical Data

Tube diameter

13.5 - 16mm*

16 - 50 mm

50 - 63.5 mm


Tube length 50 - 220 mm
Speed with standard size parts 120 tubes / minute

*Note: Possible with special size parts

Meet the Prestige 40 Header

Prestige 40 Header Capper tube machine
Prestige 40 Header