HPX Tube Heading Machine

HPX Tube Heading Machine

The Technology

Fix and press system for unrivaled tube quality

Experience shows that retooling for a new order can take hours of valuable production time. But no more: PackSys Global’s HPX heading machine reduce changeover time to 10 minutes or less. A unique feature of this machine is that after changing size parts, no operation adjustments, nor tube length settings are required. 

Your Benefits

  • 150 tubes/minutes guaranteed up to diameter 63.5 mm
  • Quick size part changeover: just 10 minutes 
  • Self-centering size parts
  • Straight line or 90o line operation
  • Tube orientation
  • Oval tubes
  • Remote maintenance

Technical Data

Tube diameter


19 - 63.5 mm

Tube length 60 - 240 mm
Speed up to 150 tpm
Oval tubes possible Yes
Recommended for Cosmetic


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