CanButler Can-palletizing system

CanButler Can-palletizing system

The Technology

The CanButler can be operated as a standalone palletizing system or in combination with a can-bundling machine. The option of palletizing cans packed in layers or in bundles, with the can opening at the top or bottom, demonstrates the sheer versatility of this system for all types of applications.

The CanButler palletizing system is capable of palletizing monobloc aluminum cans or bottles at a speed of up to 250 cans/minute.

Your Benefits

  • Synchronous connection to all upstream machines, such as inspection, washing or drawing-in machines
  • Optimal and accurate palletizing for bundles and full layer
  • Integrated rotating and turning unit for bundles
  • Sheet dispenser unit from the roll or blanks
  • High production reliability
  • Highest safety guarantee CE standard

Technical Data

Pallet dimensions

800 x 1200 mm/1000 x 1200 mm 

or US pallet formats

Pallet height max. 2445 mm
Capacity 250 cans/minute


  • Machine speeds depend on the bundle/block orientation
  • Machines with other technical specifications are available on request.

CanButler combined with packing machine

CanButler machine ¦ can-palletizing system