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Our Story History


Almost 40 years stablishing new trends, setting industry benchmarks and offering new market application opportunities



Texa AG, based in Haldenstein, Switzerland, and PackSys Global AG, based in Rüti, Switzerland have merged on 1st January 2021. The merged companies operate under the name PackSys Global AG.




Madag Printing Systems AG, based in Fahrweid, Switzerland, and PackSys Global AG, based in Rüti, Switzerland have merged on 1st August 2021. The merged companies operate under the name PackSys Global AG.


In May 2020 merged the two companies Combitool AG, located in Bäretswil, Switzerland, and PackSys Global AG, located in Rüti, Switzerland. In the future both companies will operate under the name PackSys Global AG.

Design, manufacture and service support for Combitool AG and PackSys Global AG machines will continue uninterrupted from Bäretswil and Rüti. In summer 2021 the two organisations are scheduled to move together into a new, company-owned, custom-built, 15’000 m2 facility, located in Rüti less than 1km from PackSys Global’s AG current rented location.


PackSys Global AG, Switzerland, a world leader for packaging machines, has agreed, effective May 31, 2019, to sell its subsidiary, PackSys Global (Thailand) Limited, to Swiss based Benpac Holding AG, a group of companies in the fields of engineering, machine construction, IT solutions and packaging technology.

PackSys Global Thailand manufactures lines to make monobloc aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium tubes as well as printing machines for metal and plastic closures. Roman Angst, CEO of PackSys Global Thailand, will continue as CEO of the company which will be renamed Benpac Packaging Ltd.

Following a strategic review PackSys Global AG and its German parent, the Brückner Group, decided to focus on PackSys Global’s core competence in plastic packaging business.



Combitool Solutions became a member of PackSys Global Group.

The tubes from its equipment are particularly suited, although not restricted, to the cosmetic industry.

Together with PackSys Global the two companies are able to offer customers an extensive portfolio for plastic and laminate tubes to meet most industry demands.


Madag Printing Systems was acquired by PackSys Global.

The closures and tube markets in particular provide interesting synergies with PackSys Global's core business in terms of technology and customer environment.

Texa Packaging also reached the PackSys Global Group in 2013.

The new member Texa Packaging perfectly compliments the PackSys Global's portfolio since together they can offer customers the possibility to have just one supplier to both produce and pack the unfilled tubes and cans, simplifying the customers overall production line.

PackSys Global was acquired by Brückner Group

a group of independent and strong machine building companies with more than 2500 employees worlwide and globally present in more than 29 locations.



As a result of different acquisitions, the company name KMK Maschinen did not suit anymore with the large product portfolio in the machinery industry of packaging.

In 2004 the company was rebranded as PackSys Global. 


The Swiss company Oberburg Engineering joined the KMK Maschinen in 2002 and brought with them the knowledge and long experience of the machinery for metal and plastic caps.
Due to the acquisition of the company WESCO in 2001, PackSys Global extended his product portfolio. WESCO was very successful in the manufacturing of machineries for the segment of tubes and monobloc aluminum and aerosol can lines.



The company KMK Maschinen AG was founded in Switzerland. 

KMK Maschinen manufactured machineries for laminate and extruded tubes.