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Life and work at PackSys

The companies of the PackSys Global Group are located at various facilities in Switzerland and India. Each region has something special to offer and can provide our employees with a good work-life balance.

PackSys Global


Rüti is located in the canton of Zurich, close to Lake Zurich, in the middle of a wonderful recreational and hiking region. With perfect local and long-distance public transport connections, the headquarters of PackSys Global is situated in the town centre, next to the station. The idyllic image is rounded off with numerous shopping facilities.

PackSys Global building in Rüti

PackSys Global


Burgdorf in the canton of Bern is named after the local castle. The small community in Emmental, with an intact historical old town, not only offers a good infrastructure, but also beautiful countryside – and both together provide a high quality of life.

PackSys Global building in Burgdorf, Switzerland

MADAG Decoration


The Limmat Valley community of Fahrweid in canton Zurich is regarded as a suburban oasis in a lively region. The local recreation area on the River Limmat is peaceful with plenty of green spaces as well as a good infrastructure.

Madag Decoration building in Fahrweid, Switzerland

Texa Packing


The village of Haldenstein is located in canton Graubünden, near Chur. The community of some 1000 inhabitants lies idyllically between the Rhine and the Calanda massif. It is renowned for its impressive castle and several old ruins.

Texa Packing building

PackSys Global


Bäretswil (canton Zurich) is situated between the Glatt and Töss valleys and benefits from plenty of sunshine. The wooded landscape is the starting point for many hiking trails – ideal for nature lovers.

Building of Combitool Solutions

PackSys Global India

Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai lies in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis of Mumbai. With over one million inhabitants, it was designed as a planned city and economic growth centre. Companies in the chemical, electrotechnical and mechanical engineering industries, among others, are based here.

PackSys Global building in Mumbai, India

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