The Technology

The cosmetic and personal care industries are the main drivers for new developments in tube designs and tube manufacturing. These tubes play a critical role in product:

  • Presentation
  • Differentiation
  • Protection
  • Application

The tube, being recognized as the perfect packaging for viscous products, is also used for a growing number of new products like mascara, lip balm, and applications like precision dosing, nasal applicators or dome heads.

Customers look for marketing differentiations such as best decoration, special tube design (oval, rectangular), attractive caps aligned with tube decoration and much more – and all this at the best possible price with decreasing volumes.

Whatever kind of plastic or laminate tube your customer or your marketing people ask for, we have the best choice to provide the required production equipment.

Many filled tubes
Standing out from the crowd
Different tubes
Special tube designs
Tubes samples
Staying ahead