MPM Multi-purpose machine

MPM Multi-purpose machine

Ideal for multi-operation processes

The Technology

This multi-purpose machine is one of the most cost effective, flexible pieces of equipment on the market. The MPM can be used for plastic or metal caps; for gluing, inserting plastic pieces, slitting and roll-forming.

With a speed up to 250 pieces a minute, this reliable and modern machine has been designed to significantly lower production costs in multi-operation processes.

Integrated electrical cabinet and controls and electronic parts of the latest technology ensure high reliability and easy integration with modern up-stream equipment.


Your Benefits

  • Well-suited for multi-operation processes
  • Used for plastic or metal caps, for gluing, inserting plastic pieces, slitting, and/or roll-forming

Process Steps

  • Slitting
  • Roll-forming

Technical Data

Production speed up to: 250 caps/min (diameter dependent)
Cap dimensions: 22 mm to 90 mm
Cap height: 12 mm to 60 mm
Cap material:  
Other material and dimensions upon request