MCDL decoration line

MCDL decoration line

Dry offset printing up to 370 caps/minute

The Technology

The MCDL decoration line, which can print with up to 6 colors, has been specially designed for high quality side decoration of aluminum caps. The inking units are smaller, which significantly reduces ink and lacquer wastage.

With two levels of speed, 270 caps/min and 370 caps/min, this machine is the standard for metal cap manufacturers around the world. Ideal for the challenging printing demands of the emerging wine markets and traditional liquor/spirits markets.

Your Benefits

  • Decoration of long or extra-long caps possible
  • Ideal for wine markets and traditional liquor/spirits markets

Process Steps

  • Cap sorting
  • De-greasing
  • Base coating
  • Drying of base coat
  • Printing and wet-on-wet over-varnishing
  • Drying of print and over-varnish