LMS2 side-seamer

LMS2 side-seamer

Can be combined with any heading machine.

The Technology

The LMS2 side-seamer is the perfect solution for overlapped laminate tubes ABL or PBL. Ideal for oral care tube production, its continuous process ensures stable seam quality for a wide variety of web and diameter range. Its rotary cutter guarantees the best cut quality and a reduction of ovality.


The LMS2 has been designed with the latest technology, resulting in significantly reduced power consumption. This makes it an attractive economic option for manufacturers wanting to enter the laminate tube market since it is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

Your Benefits

  • Easy to operate
  • Wide variety of web and diameter range

Technical Data LMS2

Tube dimension: 16-50 mm
Tube length: 60-200 mm
Speed: 120 tpm
Technology: Overlap