TCX Capper

TCX Capper

Compact, high speed versatile capper

The Technology

The TCX2's unmatched compact design has an impressive range of application capabilities. All machine parts are easily accessible on this capper.


The design with a horizontal turret and modules operating from the center results in a very small footprint, with unique easy access to all process steps. Product changeover can be complete in less than 10 minutes.

The highly versitile TCX2 can handle the following options:

  • Oriented push-on application
  • Membrane application (Top seal)
  • Processing of oval tubes and caps
  • Oriented or 360 wrap labeling
  • Special shaped caps
  • Additional quality inspection
  • Other applications upon request

Your Benefits

  • 150 tubes/minute for all tube applications
  • Handles both screw-on and push-on caps

  • Single cap bowl for most caps saves on tooling cost and changeover time
  • Technical Data

    Production speed up to: 150 tubes/min
    Tube dimension: 19 mm to 63.5 mm
    Tube length: 60 mm to 240 mm