Seamless Tube Decoration System

The Technology

PackSys Globalhas set the benchmark in offset printing technology for plastic tubes and sleeves. This state-of-the-art 6-9 color offset printing system comes with a wide range of standard and optional features for maximum flexibility.


The STDS can be offered for in-line production, including integration with extrusion, tube heading or capping machines.

STDS features include:

  • Tube or sleeve printing at the same speed
  • Individual servo drives for printer and inking rollers
  • Swing out inking stations
  • Fast wash up system
  • Quick change features
  • Backlash-free bevel gears

Your Benefits

  • Tube or sleeve printing at the same speed
  • 3 or 6 printing blankets
  • Automatic inking unit cleaning

Process Steps

  • Printing

Technical Data

Production speed: 165 tubes/min
Tube dimension: 19 mm to 63.5 mm
Tube length: 70 mm to 230 mm