Mini 120 HC

Mini 120 HC

Tube heading and capping in one single, compact machine

The Technology

The Mini HC header and integrated capper makes production of small cosmetic tubes simple, compact and very cost effective. The Mini HC, which is uniquely designed for small tube diameters from 12.7 mm to 22 mm, will free capacity on other lines which are capable of making larger diameter tubes with higher selling prices. This integrated line allows plastic tube producers to reduce lead time for the delivery of small tubs as well as dramatically reducing the production costs.

The extremely compact design not only saves floor space, it enhances ergonomics. The operator interface is centrally placed from where all process steps can be supervised. The innovative turret design reduces size parts for capping by half.

Your Benefits

  • Most compact machine on the market
  • One-step operation of shoulder molding
  • Reliable processing of nozzle and special shaped caps

Process Steps

  • Heading
  • Top seal (optional)
  • Capping
  • Tube packing (optional)

Technical Data

Production speed: 120 tubes/min
Tube dimension: 12.7 mm to 22 mm
Tube length: 40 mm to 140 mm