Inviseam®: State-of-the-art cosmetic laminate tube technology

The Technology

PackSys Global’s LTR2 side-seamer is the only side-seamer in the world operating with an automatic, self-correcting feedback loop. This enables exceptional process stability. All machine settings are managed electronically and abnormalities are automatically detected, which reduces the amount of waste produced while still ensuring high quality.


The LTR2 has a quick size part changeover; the complete unit can be prepared offline and brought ot the machine and exchanged via a trolley within 10 minutes. The trolley accommodates all diameter size parts (i.e. forming belt, blade take up etc) and also serves as maintenance and storage.

The beauty of Iniviseam®

PackSys Global introduced Inviseam® to the industry a decade ago and the technology continues ot be unrivaled in today's market. Much of the success of this technology lies in the self-correcting loop system since its sensors continuously measure the laminate position and give feedback and instructions to the machine and web guide controller. This ensures Inviseam® production efficiency is always sustained.


Your Benefits


  • Unrivaled, invisible and strong seam quality
  • 10 minute diameter size part changeover, without hand tools
  • Unique, self-correcting overlap control


Process Steps

  • Seaming

Technical Data

Production speed: 150 tubes/min.
Tube dimension: 19 mm to 63.5 mm
Tube length: 60 mm to 240 mm
Technology: Inviseam®, 360seam™