HPL/HPX Headers

HPL/HPX Headers

Quick size part changeover; just 10 minutes

The Technology

Experience shows that retooling for a new order can take hours of valuable production time. But no more: PackSys Global’s HPL and HPX heading machines reduce changeover time to 10 minutes or less. A unique feature of these machines is that after changing size parts, no operation adjustments, nor tube length settings are required. The 90 tubes per minute HPL can be upgraded to the 150 tubes per minute HPX when needed, by simply adding more tooling.

The HPL and HPX are flexible enough to handle any of the following options:

  • Straight line or 90° line operation
  • Tube orientation
  • Oval tubes
  • Remote maintenance

Your Benefits

  • 150 tubes/minute guaranteed
  • Quick size part changeover; just 10 minutes, without hand tools

  • Self-centering size parts
    • Full speed throughout whole tube

    Process Steps

    • Heading

    Technical Data

    Production speed up to: 90 tubes/min 150 tubes/min
    Tube dimension: 19 mm to 63.5 mm 19 mm to 63.5 mm
    Tube length: 60 mm to 240 mm 60 mm to 240 mm