About Combitool Solutions

Combitool Solutions is a Swiss company offering state-of-the-art tube body making, heading, top sealing and capping machines. The company always strives to create high quality equipment that is reliable, cost effective and only requires a short setup time.


Staying Competitive

Combitool Solutions work hard to make customers successful in their global tube market. Engaged and experienced staff produce many intelligent ideas and design highly sophisticated tooling and machinery for the competitive production of perfect laminate and plastic tubes. To reach this target, we give top priority to the following:

  • Highest quality in every detail
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Easy to operate systems
  • Most flexible machine concepts
  • Prompt and professional support.

New ideas and solutions let us optimize the tube production process and bring new features and applications to the tubes themselves.


Based on the long-term experience and knowledge of our tube professionals, we quickly bring solutions to the market covering the needs of our customers.


The portfolio contains:

  • Body makers
  • Tube headers
  • Top sealing systems
  • Capping machines
  • Customized tooling


Always there for you

Our worldwide customer service supports all installations to stay continuously operational. The highly trained staff will actively coordinate and assist you in troubleshooting/remote diagnostic intervention and spare parts management.


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