Monobloc aluminum can lines

Monobloc aluminum can lines

High speed production line for aluminum aerosol cans

The Technology

PackSys Global offers complete turnkey lines for monobloc aluminum aerosol cans and bottles. High quality equipment includes trimming/ brushing machines and internal coating machines.  The line draws upon the company's 40 year history in tube and can decoration technology with its

complete decoration plant including 9-color offset printing equipment.


All machines, accumulators and ovens are designed and assembled in-house at our spacious fabrication and design facility in Thailand.

Your Benefits

  • One supplier for the whole line
  • High quality equipment including the industry benchmark in offset printing
  • Production speed up to 200 cans/minute

Process Steps

  • Can cutting and brushing
  • Can washing
  • Internal lacquering
  • Polymerization oven
  • Base coating
  • Offset printing
  • Over-varnishing
  • Drying ovens
  • Can necking