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About Texa Packing

Texa Packing is a Swiss company specialized in the development and construction of packaging machines. We are the leading packaging partner across the globe for packaging tubes, cans, and cartridges. Development, manufacturing, installation, start up and customer training as well as a worldwide after sales service for all major products are our core competence.

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Packaging perfectly customized

Experts in tube packaging

The packaging machines pack non-filled laminate, plastic or aluminum tubes and aerosol cans and bottles are linked to the upstream machines. All packers cover an extensive application range. Built with high-quality components, the machines are equipped with their own control system including electric cabinets, and are therefore autonomous.

A main machine feature is our synchronized vacuum-supported transfer combined with an equivalent speed from the upstream machine. This, together with the fact the packaged products are always guided, either in trays, forms or fixed by mandrels, ensures a high output and efficiency is always achieved.

Texa Packing is unique in its ability to put tubes into plastic bags in the boxes.

Laminate tubes and aerosol cans in cardboard boxes


Texa Packing building

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