DuraSeam® technology for side seam steel belts

PackSys Global has developed a new generation of side seam steel belts specifically designed to cost-effectively produce high-quality laminate and cosmetic tubes.

Feel free to ask us for samples. We will be happy to offer our customers samples of any size for any seamer. You can find more information below.


The cosmetic tube champion

This outer steel belt consists of a newly developed high-tech coating applied on our own laser-welded belts. DuraSeam® Gold belts are ideal for production of brilliant and shiny cosmetic tubes.

  • Brilliant, shiny and smooth tube surface on the side seam.
  • Laser-welded belt that leaves no marks on the side seam.

DURASEAM® Regular 

The new endurance all-rounder

A new process of applying Teflon coating makes this steel belt especially durable and smooth.

  • Extremely durable coating; field tests have shown at least 150% increase in service life compared to existing belts.
  • The coating is extra smooth and anti-adhesive. It reflects the same smooth characteristics on the side seam. The side seam comes with a matt finish.
  • Laser-welded belt that leaves no marks on the tube body.

DURASEAM® Seamless

A product of advanced technology

It is not just the coating technologies that are futuristic; the steel belt itself is a product of advanced technology. This belt does not have a weld, it is seamlessly rolled. Together with the new durable Teflon DuraSeam coating this is the perfect product for all applications in tube production where the steel belt tears apart at the end of its service life. Namely:

  • For production of small diameter tubes, as inner steel belt.
  • For high speed lines as belt.
  • This belt greatly increases the uptime of seamers, thanks to fewer changeover cycles.


This inner steel belt consists of a carefully selected steel quality for maximising heating efficiency.


  • Ease processing PBL
  • Provide the energy for NEOSeam® stripe heating
  • Are available also as “DURASEAM® POWER 2” which are capable of providing extra power when thick laminates (~350 um and above) are processed