Produces perfectly decorated cosmetic laminate tubes

360seam™ is PackSys Global’s side-seam technology for cosmetic laminate tubes to meet the high quality demands from the market. This highly stable, perfectly accurate seaming process creates laminate tubes with 360° printed appearance showing no visible overlap to the consumer. Yet tube manufacturers continue to have all the decoration possibilities of flat printing.

360seam™ technology takes advantage of ‘combination presses’ where flexo, silk-screen and foil stamping can decorate laminate in one step.


Not only is 360seam™ technology an advanced decoration solution for tube manufacturers, it is more sustainable and kinder to the environment; since its direct printing eliminates the need for labels. Also, laminate technology allows use of multiple thin layers to give the same look and feel in a thinner tube compared to an extruded tube.

PackSys Global has developed a new generation of side- seamers for its laminate tube lines specifically designed to cost effectively produce small batches of high quality cosmetic laminate tubes with 360seam™ printing: CTS 125 (125 tubes/minute).

Your Benefits

  • 360seam™ allows 360 printing with small overlap
  • Highly stable, perfectly accurate seaming process
  • 360seam™ has all decoration possibilities of flat printing
  • Ideal for small batch production or startup businesses