Catalyst for today's trend for cosmetic laminate tubes.

PackSys Global introduced Inviseam® in its laminate tube machines a decade ago. Whereas most laminate tubes have an overlap, Inviseam technology allows butt-welding of the laminate, making the seam almost invisible to the consumer.

Inviseam® is produced on the LTR2, which also allows for 360 degree printing, similar to extruded tubes but with the lower cost and higher quality possible from printing in the flat.

This technology allows tube manufacturers to use laminate tubes for the cosmetic industry to give nearly the same feel and appearance as extruded tubes. Inviseam technology continues to be unrivaled in the market, ten years after its introduction.

Your Benefits

  • Inviseam® technology makes the seam almost invisible to the consumer.
  • Allows laminate tubes to be used for the cosmetic industry.
  • Guaranteed seam strength quality.