SPM Fastest plastic closure machine

The Technology

Fastest machine in the market – 3500 caps/minute

The SPM 35, with its output of up to 3500 caps per minute, is by far the fastest TE-band finishing machine. Molding cycle times are continuously being reduced, requiring increased output for folding and slitting operations. The newly designed turrets allow for mandrels to be added to meet the demands of the beverage industry.

The SPM 35 has the option to process multiple injection molds on folding/slitting machine (same design, different color).

Two bunkers are filled by individual molds; change over from one line to the other is fully automated and controlled by SPM 35, without any human intervention.

The SPM 35 has been engineered with more consideration to the environment. Reduced energy consumption and noise emissions, smaller footprint and 360° access are all new features that make this machine unique.

Your Benefits

  • Fastest machine on the market - 3,500 caps/minute single line infeed
  • Highest output per footprint.
  • Multiple molds feeding one machine.
  • Extended throughput due to Duraslit® knife.
  • Modular design: gives flexibility in the process sequence.
  • Intelligent design for easy access.
  • Reduced energy consumption and noise emissions.

Technical Data

Cap diameter 25 - 38 mm*
Cap height 8 - 20 mm*
Speed up to 2,000 - 3,500 cpm
Material PP or HDPE*
Operation Folding/Slitting, Sliltting/Folding

*Note: Other height, diameter or material on request

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