Plastic Closures

Plastic Closures

Plastic Closures

Plastic closure manufacturing is today one of the most innovative sectors of packaging. It is constantly improving as beverage companies develop new products in a fast changing market environment. 

PackSys Global helps its customers to face growing competition raised by new technical and economical challenges.

The major plastic closure manufacturers around the globe trust PackSys Global machines, recognizing the suitability of our slitters and assembling machines to the market demand. 

Our strong R&D resources have led the new machine developments year after year, offering more productivity, flexibility and versality.

The Technology

This multi-purpose machine is one of the most cost effective, flexible pieces of equipment on the market. The MPM can be used for plastic or metal caps; for gluing, inserting plastic pieces, slitting and roll-forming.

With a speed up to 250 pieces a minute, this reliable and modern machine has been designed to significantly lower production costs in multi-operation processes.

Integrated electrical cabinet and controls, and electronic parts of the latest technology ensure high reliability and easy integration with modern up-stream equipment.

Your Benefits

  • Well-suited for multi-operation processes
  • Used for plastic or metal caps, for gluing, inserting plastic pieces, slitting, and/or roll-forming
  • High reliability and easy integration

Technical Data

Cap diameter 22 - 90 mm
Cap height 12- 60 mm
Speed up to 250 cpm
Material Plastic or metal

Note: Other material and dimensions upon request

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