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The Technology

Making tube production simple, compact and cost effective

The Super High Output Tube-making System - Shot Line is, a jewel of innovation, the world’s fastest compression moulding laminate tube making line.

The guaranteed speed of 500 tubes per minute will meet the needs of the large volume tube makers. It performs all production stages in one step: welding the body, press-forming the head and screwing on the cap. Furthermore, Its integrated automatic packer makes the SHOT a fully automated system running with limited manpower and at an exceptional cost per output.

Tubes in Shot machine line

Thomas LeFevre

Director of Sales and Marketing
Our equipment is the most compact, and we believe the most cost-efficient for producing tubes.

Your Benefits

  • Optimized cost per output
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design

Technical Data

Tube diameter 16 - 38 mm
Tube length 80 - 200 mm
Speed up to 500 tpm
Cap orientation No
Splice table Automatic

Note: Other parameters available on request

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Shot machine line PackSys Global
Shot Line