Mini 120 machine line

Mini 120 Small diameter tubes

The Technology

Making tube production simple, compact and cost effective

The Mini 120 comprises a compact seamer, header and capper, with the option to also do top seal. This really is the cost effective solution for producing small diameter tubes. 

Both the splicing table and accumulator come as standard for the seamer. Resistive heating or HF seaming process means it can handle a wide range of laminates up to 300 μm and aluminum barrier up to 20 μm.

The seamer is integrated with the Mini 120 HC to complete the process of heading, optional top seal and capping. Furthermore, the tubes can be packed by adding a packer from our subsidiary company, Texa Packaging.



Your Benefits

  • Most compact machine on the market
  • One-step operation of shoulder molding
  • Reliable processing of nozzle and special shaped caps
  • Optimized cost per output
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design


Only 15 m2 are needed to be able to produce 120 smaller tubes per minute - including the top seal and capping process.

Technical Data

Tube diameter 12.7 - 22 mm
Tube length 40 - 140 mm
Speed 120 tpm


Meet the Mini 120

Mini 120 machine line
Mini 120