LT125 machine line

LT 125 Marriage of cost and output

The Technology

The high performance rotary cutter eliminates pinch marks and reduces ovality

The LT125 is composed of a seamer, a multi-station compression molding header, and an integrated capper with the option to handle oriented caps.

The seamer includes features such as fixed roll-stands, in combination with a semi-automatic splice table – which allows roll change within seconds, a high frequency generator, and a high performance rotary cutter in order to avoid pinch marks and ovality.

The integrated compression molding header produces shoulders on demand and avoids situations where, due to changes in customers’planning, you have produced the wrong injection molded shoulders. 

The compression molding header also allows customers to save on storage and handling of injection molded shoulders. The patented optional inner barrier liner (IBL) device allows customers to reduce the loss of expensive ingredients such as flavors.

The integrated capper is equipped with linear motors. This enables tube production with both push-on and screw caps. This autonomous 8-station unit can be offered with our optional in-house top seal device.

Your Benefits

  • Compact design saves floor space and optimizes operation process
  • One-step operation of shoulder molding
  • Optimized cost per output
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design

Technical Data


Tube diameter 16 - 50 mm
Tube length 80 - 220 mm
Speed up to 125 tpm
Cap orientation Yes
Splice table Semi-automatic

Note: Other parameters available on request

Meet the LT125

LT125 machine line
LT 125