THT-CCM upgrade and overhaul

THT-CCM upgrade and overhaul

The latest state-of-the-art header and capper technology

Cost-effective upgrades mean lowrisk migration to more advanced and widespread technology to stay competitive. PackSys Global ensures continued service support and availability of service parts.

Our trained and qualified field engineers have performed overhauls on many PackSys Global machines, some of which have been in operation for over 30 years. We will live up to the trust you place in us.

You can recover the cost of your upgrade in less then six months while you continue to receive the benefits of new technology for years to come.


Your Benefits

  • Extend the life cycle / span
  • Boost overall machine performance
  • Preserve the value of assets
  • Ensure continued service support
  • Option to produce oval tubes
  • Increased product range
  • Compatibility with EagleOwl™
  • remote service

Controls and electronics overhaul

A new operating panel, motors, drives and control system replaces the obsolete
Siemens S5 with a contemporary B&R system. Software upgrades ensure that
your older machine is brought in line with the prevailing technological standards.

  • Gets rid of discontinued electronic components
  • Simplifies handling
  • Improves process stability

Extruder upgrade
Extruder revision consists of a new extruder screw and additional parts.

  • Extends the life cycle
  • Ensures continued availability of service parts

Mechanical overhaul
Complete mechanical overhauls will greatly boost the overall performance.

  • Retains the asset value
  • Ensures continued service support
Electrical overhaul
Electrical overhaul

Capper upgrade

Replace your CCM 4 with a CCM 8 and get rid of the UEB 2 accumulator.
Maximizes maintenance intervals of mandrel cleaning cycles.

  • Reduced space requirements
  • Increased product range
  • Push-on caps

Alternatively, a CCM 4 overhaul is also possible.

Top Seal
Secure your tubes with an aluminum membrane application. The additional Seal
will make sure nothing can get in the finished tube and customers don’t use the
tube if the seal is broken before own use.

Top Seal
Top Seal