Mini 120 upgrade and overhaul

Mini 120 upgrade and overhaul

Proficient operation through innovation

We offer several upgrades for the Min 120 machine

The continuous focus on innovation and development at PackSys Global equips our customers with smarter solutions, to better meet their present and future needs. Cost-effective upgrades mean low- risk migration to more advanced and widespread technology to stay competitive. Our Mini120 overhaul and upgrades will improve the process stability and extend machine life. In addition, we ensure continued service support and availability of service parts.

Your investments are paid back while you continue to receive the benefits of new technology for years to come.
Our trained and qualified field engineers have performed overhauls on many PackSys Global machines, some of which have been in operation for over 30 years. We will live up to the trust you place in us.

Your Benefits

  • Extend the life span
  • Reduced running cost
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Preserve the value of assets
  • Ensure continued service support

Mechanical overhaul

Replacement of various parts together – a kind of rejuvenation to the machine

  • Helps retain asset value
  • Ensures continued Service support
  • Curated packages based on age of your machine
  • Light – for machines aged between 5 and 10 years
  • Advanced – for machines aged beyond 10 years
Mandrel brakes
Mandrel brakes

Retrofit - servo compression

Switch to Servo controlled mechanism

  • Higher compression force enabling special head designs (e.g. dome head, long nozzle) with use of appropriate size parts
  • Faster operational movement leading to more time available for efficient cooling of shoulder and thread inside the mould
Cooling plate
Cooling plate


Servo controlled operation leading to higher repeatability and reliability

  • Reduction in compressed air consumption
  • Faster and smoother operation
Servo compression unit
Servo compression unit

Retrofit – activated tube brakes

Technology used in higher end machines made available to Mini120

  • Eliminates the need to adjust tube brake position during length change / job change
4-way blow off
4-way blow off

Extruder upgrades

4-way blow-off

  • Increased control over individual dosing nozzle operation
  • Enables usage of one size (Dia 6 mm) nozzle + needle across wider range of tube dia (16-22mm)


Cooling plate

  • Helps in increased thermal management in dosing area
  • Increases life span of guide carriages in dosing mechanism
ULU servo
ULU servo