MSM upgrades

MSM upgrades

Proficient operation through innovation

We help you improve your tube production

The continuous focus on innovation and development at PackSys Global equips our customers with smarter solutions, to better meet their present and future needs. Cost-effective upgrades mean low- risk migration to more advanced and widespread technology to stay competitive. Our MSM machine upgrade and overhaul will not only boost your output but will also improve the process stability. In addition, we ensure continued service support and availability of service parts.

Your investments are paid back while you continue to receive the benefits of new technology for years to come. Our trained and qualified field engineers have performed overhauls on many PackSys Global machines, some of which have been in operation for over 20 years. We will live up to the trust you place in us.

Improvement options

PP21 to T30 HMI Upgrade

  • Get converted to state-of-the-art and cost-effective HMI
  • Future benefit of plug and play of HMI (no separate software upgrade required for future upgrades)
  • Easy hardware maintenance & servicing
  • Possibility of remote troubleshooting and gloved operation
  • Interface identical with PP65 making it is easier to use
T30 Conversion
T30 Conversion

Your Benefits

  • Extend the machine life span
  • Boost overall machine performance
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Preserve the value of assets
  • Ensure continued service support
  • Reduced running cost

Gear drive to belt drive upgrade

  • Doubled sized belt ensures continued precision over the longer durationof machine operation
  • No requirement of lubrication leading to cleaner operation
  • Decrease in the noise level and maintenance of belt drive
  • Quick and user-friendly belt change as compared to changing the gears


Safety interlock on lower and upper doors

  • Active doors interlocks on lower and upper doors provide enhancedsafety to machines and personnel
Equal ejector pin upgrade
Equal ejector pin upgrade

Equal ejector pin upgrade

  • Standardization of ejector pins across machines
  • Ease of maintenance and reduction in inventory


Electrically driven automatic greasing system upgrade

  • Machine operation dependent grease dispensing
  • Easy to monitor the system with bright status LEDs


Obsolete Lenze frequency inverter upgrade

  • Replacement of obsolete to new age cost effective inverter
  • Software update can be handled easily along with hardware changes
Infeed pressure sensor
Infeed pressure sensor

Other upgrades

Infeed laser sensor*

  • More accurate and quicker compared to the old sensor

Infeed air pressure monitoring*

  • Cap specific and pre-defined window of air-pressure adjustment
  • Setting change made secured with a password

New cap stop

  • High-speed switching valves ensuring no stuck cap
  • Monitored open-close positions leading to better machine control

Cap upside down starwheel upgrade*

  • Monitoring of starwheel movement by scale and easy maintenance
  • Start-Stop Reset Buttons


*Upgrades also applicable for SPM machines

Cap stop monitoring
Cap stop monitoring