Remote FAT Professional Online Solution

Remote FAT Professional Online Solution

Remote FAT

Remote Factory Acceptance Test

When Onsite Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are not possible due to travel restrictions, a short timeline or other reasons.

We present our solution for this critical issue tailored to the customer’s needs – Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

To make sure our customers reach their business goals we offer the Remote FAT at our manufacturing sites. With Remote FAT there is no need to be personally present at the factory. Instead, our customers can see the machine tests live in action through various secure collaborative tools.

Benefits of Remote FAT

On-time FAT completion

Stay on time and track with your project

Save travel costs & resources

Saves on travel costs, eliminates lost travel time

Multiple participation across the globe

Allows more of your experienced team members to participate and talk with our experts LIVE

Increase staff presence

Maximizes the time that your employees have in your facility

Frequently asked questions about Remote FAT 


What is a Remote FAT?
We offer a new way of FAT, where the customer does not need to travel thousands of kilometres and lose hours of traveling time to see their machine run. With Remote FAT the client can sit whereever he or she likes, watch the tube or closure machine running, discuss important things with our trained experts as well as view critical machine parts running live.

How does the video call work?
A few days before the Remote FAT we send the digital visitor program with all login details to join the Remote FAT. Our trained quality team will be present at all times during the live broadcast of the Remote FAT.

What can I see during the Remote Factory Acceptance Test?
We use multiple high-quality cameras to give the best possible view of the machine. Typically, one is placed where the client can have an overall view over the entire area. One or two cameras are placed around the machine to see specific details. On top of that, the panel will be shared for a live view of the results. We are flexible to move each camera according to the customer’s needs or specific requests.

How is the data security handled?
We use secure collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Has this been conducted before?
We have successfully conducted many Remote FATs .The whole experience was very well received by our customers as they could witness the FAT without spending on travelling and could complete the FAT milestone on time, all the time keeping social distancing.

Any specific requirements for the online meeting tools?
There is no need to download any software or create any kind of account. The meeting can simply be joined with a link which we will send. The only requirement is to have a laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone with good internet connection, a microphone and speaker. Use of a headset may give better results than using a speaker.

Anything that I will miss due to Remote FAT?
We promise the same experience in Remote FAT as that of Onsite FAT: Machine live in action, our experts and our hospitality. At the most there is a lack of our Coffee, Swiss scenic beauty and Swiss Chocolates. We will even try and send some chocolates with the machine.

Can I get the film of the Remote FAT after it is finished?
If requested, we are able to record the complete Remote FAT. The film can be sent after the FAT is completed by a file transfer application or e-mail.

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