CTS 125 Side-Seamer

The Technology

Cost effectively increasing the quality of cosmetic tubes

PackSys Global’s CTS 125 side-seamer is specifically designed to cost effectively produce small batches of high quality cosmetic laminate tubes. Producing up to 125 tubes/minute, the CTS 125 is ideal for startup businesses or customers producing small batches. 

The CTS side-seamer has a highly stable, perfectly accurate seaming process, emphasizing today’s decoration possibilities and advantages of flat printing. Two high frequency generators allow independent application of power to inside and outside of the tube. Add to this the assurance of having the same output and tooling for both ABl and PBl, and the capability to change size parts within 30 minutes, this side-seamer is an attractive addition to the PackSys Global portfolio. 

Your Benefits

  • 360seam TM technology
  • Highly stable, perfectly accurate seaming process 
  • Perfect for small production batches or startup businesses

Technical Data

Tube diameter 16 - 60 mm
Tube length 60 - 220 mm
Speed up to 125 tpm
Technology Overlap (optional
with NEOSeam™)
Recommended for Cosmetic


CTS 125