Vacancies at the Packsys Global Group

Here you'll find our current vacancies. We look forward to your application.

Current jobs

Speculative Application

Nothing suitable available now? Then you can always send us a speculative application. Or visit our site again soon. We have many opportunities and possibilities.
job description location company
Automatiker / Inbetriebnehmer (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
Strategischer Einkäufer (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
HR Bereichsleiter (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
Assistent Export und Administration (m/w) Haldenstein Texa AG
IT Helpdesk Supporter (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
Mitarbeiter Konstruktion / Entwicklung (m/w) Haldenstein Texa AG
Working Student ICT-Support 40% (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
IT System Engineer (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
Mitarbeiter Customer Service (m/w) Fahrweid MADAG Printing Systems AG
Maschinenmonteur/Servicetechniker Fahrweid MADAG Printing Systems AG
SAP Specialist (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
Automation Engineer Fahrweid MADAG Printing Systems AG
Engineer - Field Service Navi Mumbai PackSys Global (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Lehrstelle als Informatiker Systemtechniker EFZ (m/w) Rüti PackSys Global AG
Lehrstelle als Kauffrau / Kaufmann EFZ Rüti PackSys Global AG

Vacancies at the Brückner Group

Here you'll find the current vacancies at all the companies in the Brückner Group. If you can’t find anything suitable here today, it’s worthwhile paying us another visit soon. Because we have many opportunities and possibilities.

Who we are looking for

The relationship between employer and employee (and colleagues) is likewise a relationship. In order for it to work well in the long term, it is not only vital that the technical qualifications are correct, but also that the personalities are compatible. If you think that the following attributes largely apply to you, then the prospects are good for our future together:

  • Capacity for teamwork: Most of our tasks can only be completed collectively, We stick together because we don't shy away even from difficult challenges.
  • Flexibility: We are always in motion; there is no stagnation. Our company is growing continuously. Our tasks are therefore diverse and varied.
  • Sovereignty: We repeatedly need to solve problems, rethink or find new ways. This is done best with a good mixture of self-confidence and ability to take criticism.
  •  Down-to-earth attitude: We are proud of our roots, our reputation and the dependable quality of our Swiss machines. But this doesn’t make us full of ourselves.
  • Openness: Our company is a meeting place for many different personalities and cultures – be it in dealing with customers or with colleagues, both on site and at our locations.
  • Responsibility: We always think one step ahead and want to make progress. The resulting responsibility is shared by our employees.

More Information?

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