TEM and TEM Plus Highly versatile machine

TEM and TEM Plus Highly versatile machine

Tamper Evidence Machine

The new slitting / folding machine for speciality closures

The new TEM Machine is a highly versatile machine with a wide range of uses for special markets as agricultural, pharmaceutical, beverages, food, beauty and home, chemicals, among others. 

This versatile machine is easily integrated into any production line due to independent control and optional vision inspection system. The TEM gives flexibility in the process sequence thanks to its modular design for S/F or F/S of TE band. It also allows a large variety of cap dimensions, including sport caps. 

Your Benefits

  • Always identical high precision slit geometry
  • Predictable BBF results
  • No gap in slit line area (no contamination)
  • Easy modification with just one blade or size parts set changeover instead of each single cavity
  • Easy combination with folding process
  • Flexible and cost-effective process sequence (S/F or F/S)
  • Higher safety results as no removal without broken bridges
  • Folded TE band allows wider process window on capping process
  • Flexible choice of optional items including vision control system, assembly equipment and packing configuration at the end of the line

Technical Data

Cap diameter


28 – 90 mm

TEM Plus

27 - 45 mm

Cap height 20 – 60 mm 10 - 30 mm
Speed From 50 up to 400 cpm  up to 1000 cpm
Material PP, PE or HDPE* PP, HDPE

*Note: Other height, diameter or material on request

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TEM Machine