The Technology

Swiss Downstream Line

The Swiss Downstream Line – SDL is, as the name implies, a complete downstream line for plastic closure production.

The line, developed with our Swiss partner IMD, is a one-stop-shop for closure drop from mold to box. The processes include inspection, slitting and folding.

The compact and standardized layout is easy for technicians to operate and results in increased efficiency. A single control center (HMI) for the whole line, driven by the IMDvista® V5 Vision Control Center, enables operators to have a perfect production and performance overview.

The design has also made the line easier to use, which in turn results in higher user efficiency.

Your Benefits

  • Up to 2.000 caps/minute
  • Standard machine, small footprint.
  • Ethernet-based interface on single HMI.
  • No layout change if mechanical updates needed.
  • Ideal for small/start-up businesses


Technical Data

Cap diameter 26 - 38 mm*
Cap height 10 - 24 mm*
Speed up to 800 - 2,000 cpm
Material PP or HDPE*
Operation Slitting/Folding

*Note: Other height, diameter or material on request

Meet the SDL

Swiss Downstream Line