MSM Multi Station machine

MSM Multi Station machine

The Technology

Efficiently optimizing footprint

  • MSM S: slitting ; MSM FS: folding/slitting

Slitting of the tamper evident bands on closures is a lower cost alternative to forming the bridges in the molding tool. Besides the advantages of cost, speed, repeatability and reduced maintenance costs, it allows the design of more sophisticated tamper evident bands since the material does not need to be pressed through the narrow bridges to form the rest of the band. 

Close control of torque required to open closures results in higher quality product delivery. Our slitting machines combine these advantages with Swiss quality and innovation.

Furthermore, the MSM slitting machines provide the option to process output of multiple injection molds on one folding/slitting machine (same design/different color). This produces higher efficiency on less floor space and lower investment costs. Integration of a sophisticated color control camera system avoids cross contamination of colored closures produced.

Your Benefits

  • Up to 2'400 caps per minute 
  • High performance matching most modern cap production lines
  • Multiple molds feeding one machine
  • Extented lifetime due to PackSys Global's DURASLIT® knife
  • Modular design gives flexibiility in the process sequence
  • PackSys Globlal’s DURASLIT® cutting blade guarantees unique blade longevity  




Technical Data

Cap diameter 25 - 38 mm*
Cap height 10 - 24 mm*
Speed 1,200 - 2,400 cpm
Material PP or HDPE*

*Note: Other height, diameter or material on request

Meet the MSM

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