Aluminum Tube Production Line

Cost efficient, turnkey solutions

PackSys Global is currently the only company making all machines in the line in-house, except for the extrusion press. This gives our customers complete confidence in having one point of contact for all their needs.

PackSys Global has delivered lines to all markets across the world and has special know-how in clean room installations for pharmaceutical tube production, in particular to the Japanese market.

The Technology


Lighter weight cans are the talk of the industry due to raw material saving potential and rising energy costs globally. To meet this trend, we are able to seamslessly and efficiently integrate our equipment into DWI-based systems. In addition, our futuristic oven design optimizes energy consumption. All this provides attractive cost savings for customers.

Our reliable lines provide customers the confidence to consistently and cost effectively produce aluminum tubes to the highest quality, while meeting all industry standards.

Meet the Collapsible Aluminum Tube Production Line

Which line to choose?

Low speed 

120 cpm

Ideal for: 

  • Markets with special requirements
  • Tube producers who need small batch capacities with quick changeover capabilities

Medium speed

165 cpm

Ideal for: 

  • Markets seeing good demand for aluminum tubes
  • Tube producers who are looking to expand their capacity to tap into this industry growth

High speed

210 cpm

Ideal for: 

  • Markets seeing exponential growth for aluminum tubes
  • Large tube producers who are looking to add capacity or replace old equipment to optimize their production cost


Your Benefits

  • Special know-how in clean room installations for pharmaceutical tube production
  • Able to test the machine in one location before shipment
  • Production speed up to 200 tubes/minute